Shoulder Joint

The shoulder is, in many ways, a remarkable joint as there is a need to provide both stability as well as flexibility.

The shoulder is the most flexible and mobile joint in the body and, in fact, comprises a number of joints. This high level of flexibility does, however, come at a price and instability and even dislocations are more commonly seen than with any of the other larger joints in the body.

Movement of the shoulder is dependent on a large number of muscles and tendons working in unison and it is the inflammation and ultimately failure of these tendons that leads to the common shoulder problems of pain and weakness. As with other joints, arthritis (wear and tear) becomes more common with advancing years.

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Elbow Joint

The elbow is the all-important link between the flexible shoulder and the dextrous hand.

Pain is a common complaint and is most frequently due to inflamed tendons (tendonitis) where they attach to either side of the joint or epicondyles (epicondylitis) otherwise known as Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow. In reality, neither condition is the preserve of elite sportsmen and are common conditions amongst the general population. For the majority of patients, symptoms will respond to rest, physiotherapy, use of an appropriate clasp or an injection. When surgery is required treatment can be performed on a day case basis and is usually curative.

A mild degree of stiffness is seen in early arthritis and the elbow is the commonest joint in which to encounter loose bodies that can give rise to sudden and recurrent locking of the joint. Such conditions may be amenable to day case keyhole surgery.

Though less commonly seen than in other larger joints of the body such as the hip, knee and shoulder, severe arthritis can occur and a total elbow replacement is a well-established and typically effective procedure for this condition.

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