Investigation & Treatments

Fortunately, the majority of individuals who suffer shoulder symptoms will not require surgery. The most important aspect of treatment is establishing a diagnosis. Our team at VITA Orthopaedics are all recognised specialists in their field and will be able to establish a diagnosis and advise you on the necessary treatment.


Unfortunately we have in recent years seen a surge in the number of patients who have undergone scans (most often an ultrasound scan) before a diagnosis has been made. Such scans often prove to be unnecessary or inappropriate. Sometimes scans need to be repeated or alternative scans arranged and this can be both costly and delay timely treatment. By seeking advice first, it is possible to ensure that the correct diagnosis, appropriate investigations and, where necessary, treatment can be discussed and in the correct order.


The successful treatment of your shoulder problem might require nothing more than an explanation and advice. Physiotherapy and an injection may be indicated. VITA specialists are highly experienced in administering injections and we work closely with a large number of experienced private and NHS physiotherapists throughout the region.

When surgery is needed, your consultant will be able to advise as to the most appropriate procedure and rehabilitation. Many operations are performed using arthroscopic or ‘keyhole’ techniques and our specialists are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of arthroscopic and advanced reconstructive techniques.

No two patients are the same, however, and the most appropriate procedure for a professional sportsman or woman may differ to that recommended for someone nearing retirement age. Our specialists will be able to advise you as to the best treatment for you.

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