Receiving Treatment

As a private patient you have the right to choose where you receive treatment and to which consultant you wish to be referred.

Referrals from your General Practitioner may be addressed to a specific VITA Orthopaedic Consultant or addressed generically to VITA Orthopaedics in which case you will be offered an appointment with the most appropriate consultant for your condition. VITA Orthopaedic Surgeons consult and operate at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital.

Following consultation and examination a day case or inpatient procedure may be recommended. At VITA Orthopaedics we fully understand that coming into hospital can be a daunting prospect and so will do everything possible to simplify and explain the process helping you feel comfortable, informed and confident.

Arrangements for initial consultation, investigations, hospital stay and follow-up appointments will be dealt with by our highly experienced VITA Orthopaedics secretaries in conjunction with Nuffield Health, Plymouth. We aim to provide you with all the information you will need, however, if you require further information, advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vita Orthopaedics Plymouth South West

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