At VITA Orthopaedics we welcome patients both with private medical insurance as well as those who opt to self pay.

Insured Patients

Vita Orthopaedic Consultants are registered with all the main insurance companies and charge within industry standard fees. It is essential you get approval from your private health insurance company before you confirm or pay for your treatment. Please bear in mind that it may be necessary for you to settle a proportion of the fees yourself. This is because not all health insurance policies cover the full cost of treatment in every case.

Self-pay patients

We also very much welcome those patients who do not have private health insurance but wish to have private treatment on a self-pay basis. We will ensure that you are provided with an accurate estimate of the cost of treatment before treatment is commenced.

If you require information on the cost of a particular procedure, please do not hesitate to contact VITA Orthopaedics.

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