Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is a highly successful procedure of which many thousands are undertaken in the UK every year. The primary aim of Total Hip Replacement is relief of pain. We also aim to restore hip function to as near to normal as possible allowing return to work and normal activities within a few months of the procedure.

A wide variety of hip replacement implants are available and may be cemented or uncemented. The implants may be made of stainless steel or titanium. The bearing surface of the joint may contain combinations of polyethylene, ceramic or metal.

At VITA Orthopaedics we believe that no two cases of hip arthritis are the same. Exactly what type of hip replacement is required varies with individual activity level, the types of activity undertaken, patient age and with the anatomy of the hip.

As the South West’s leading orthopaedic surgery team we aim to provide a bespoke hip replacement solution for each and every individual patient to maximise pain relief, restore function and to ensure the longevity of new joint.

Most hip replacements can be planned or ‘templated’ from a plain X-ray. In cases where there are significant anatomical issues a CT scan will be requested allowing highly accurate software based 3D templating. This enables the surgeon to achieve highly accurate reconstruction of the hip, maximising the potential for good hip function, even in the most complex of cases. When accurate reconstruction cannot be achieved with off-the-shelf components, we commission custom made implants.

On average, a hip replacement patient will stay in hospital for 4 or 5 days and will use walking aids for up to 6 weeks. We aim for return to normal function by 3 months.

Complications can occur but are fortunately uncommon. Your experienced VITA consultant will discuss potential risks in detail prior to surgery.

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