Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is an alternative to conventional hip replacement aimed predominantly at young active adults who are suffering with hip arthritis.

With hip replacement the femoral head is discarded. With hip resurfacing the femoral head is preserved and resurfaced or capped using a specialised metal component sized to suit the individual patient. The metal resurfacing head articulates with an uncemented socket forming a ‘Metal-on-Metal’ bearing.

Advantages of hip resurfacing include relative bone preservation and a lower dislocation rate. In addition, resurfacing produces a natural feeling and durable hip allowing return to normal day-to-day and recreational activities.

Hip resurfacing is not suitable for everyone. Your VITA experienced consultant will be happy to discuss the pros, cons and suitability of hip resurfacing with you – get in touch with the South West’s orthopaedic specialists today.

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