'Wear & tear' of the Hip (Osteoarthitis)

Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip is a common condition, the incidence of which increases as we get older.

Pain is commonly felt in the groin and may radiate to the thigh and even into the knee. Buttock pain may also be present. Hip stiffness is a common feature and causes difficulty in getting down to the feet for foot care. Reduced walking distance and pain at night with sleep disturbance are also common symptoms of Hip arthritis. Early symptoms may be mild and intermittent but tend to become more and continuous over time.

Most cases of OA Hip are considered ‘Primary’ and have no obvious underlying cause apart from ‘fair wear and tear’. This condition is most commonly seen in the over 60s.

‘Secondary’ OA of the hip is diagnosed when there is an underlying problem causing the hip to wear out prematurely. This often presents in much younger adults and typically results from distortion of the normal anatomy of the hip. The underlying problem may be congenital, developmental or acquired. Conditions known to pre-dispose to secondary OA of the hip include Developmental Dysplasia, Perthes Disease, previous fracture or dislocation, failed blood supply to the hip causing Avascular Necrosis and sometimes as the result of previous infection.

Finally hip pain may result from Inflammatory Arthritis. Conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis can and do lead to Hip Arthritis and may present at any age.

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